Maximal will full-fill your bow hunting and outdoor needs through solid, effective and affordable products. From rock-solid fiber optic sights and peeps to efficient and inexpensive arrow rests, quivers, broad heads and stabilizers. A great line-up of even greater products that will complete every bowhunters archery gear.

We offer also some very nice outdoor backpacks. These will make your outdoor adventure comfortable like never before. With a range of functional and reliable products for outdoor and bow hunting Maximal offers you everything you’ll need for you bowhunting trip.

You can find all our products by clicking on the 'products' selection button on the top of your screen. After clicking on the product page you can scroll in the different product classes and find the product you would like to see. If there is a video available on a product you will find it under the 'videos' selection button. All latest updates will be shown in the 'news' part or on social media. There is a 'where to buy' section on the main website. However do not hesitate to contact us if you would have any questions concerning any of these subjects.