#Bucktrailarchery has a wide range of #traditionalbows, arrows and accessories. We have now also added #feathers to our product line . Available in 3 lengths, 2? shapes, 9? colors, LW or RW. Packed by 2?4?  #archersgear #traditionalarchery #instinctivearchery #archery 

New product:
The Buck Trail Frontier is an arrow made for the traditional archer. Ready made and ready to shoot! The Frontier is available packed by dozen in full length (33") insert included and by 60 cut, point and insert included and installed.


Spines: 300 to 800
Weight: 5.3 to 8.5 gpi
Straightness Toler.: ± .005"
Length: 33"
Nock: Internal large groove nock - S diameter
Insert: S size
Vanes: 4" round feathers 

Buck trail have launched a complete high quality traditional accessory product line. Made with the best genuine - and suede leathers this will complete your personal traditional needs.  For more info on the products please scroll to the Buck trail product page and you will find the complete product line.