Kinetic has launched a new mid-level ILF limb that aimes on the beginner to mid-level group of archers. The Kinetic Avantage is a smooth, lightweight, fast fiber/foam limb that consists of a foam core with high-end European fiberglas. It is a great compromise between value for money and top quality engineering. Now available through your archery dealer.

The new Kinetic Halo is a die-casted, combo-color painted recurve riser made by Win & Win. A great design with the looks and the performance you expect. 


Kinetic launches a new top of the range carbon recurve bow. The Kinetic Fury is a light high-performance riser designed around two carbon frames. Built from royal cross carbon and carbon U/D using advanced material technologies. The limbs have a foam core and 45 degrees cross carbon that improves stability. Top quality 100% made by Win & Win.


The new Kinetic riser is a forged aluminum handle that comes in 9 different painted colors. It carries an easy to use limb alignement system and fits all the ILF limbs on the market.

The grip is a soft touch and mid sized. As this riser is made by Win & Win, it features the quality and precision that this world famous Korean brand stands for.

The Weight is 1100gram and length is 25inch.


- Stored energy: 70,3%

- Let off: 69,7%




The Rave from Kinetic is a compound bow that fits the beginner to the competitive intermediate archer. This bow is a 32" axle - axle but when drawn it is 33" from top to bottom cam, because of the large cam design that maximizes string angle for a more comfortable shooting position and increased accuracy. It's 22.5 "long forged aluminum riser gives the bow the stability it needs for that steady and consistent shot. The integrated dampers in the top and bottom of the risers minimize the vibrations significantly. The split limbs are made of high modulus fiber. With a 7” brace height that will be more forgiving for that starting archer. Eight anodized target colors and one camo version are available in poundage ranges from 15Lbs-50Lbs and 25Lbs-60Lbs. With its rotating module the Kinetic Rave is adjustable from 19” till 30” draw length and this all in one bow! The Rave will give you the confidence you’ll need on the shooting range.


ROTATING MOD 15-50LBS 19"-30", 25-60LBS 19"-30" RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED

-AXLE- AXLE: 32"  (maximised string angle: 33")


-WEIGHT: 1.800kg









Two different components are making this limb to one of the most forgiving and performing limbs in its price range. It’s bamboo core is a strong long lasting consistent wood that gives you that higher quality Kinetic stands for. The bamboo/carbon combo will add sideway stiffness to improve stability with each shot. This is definitely the correct choice for every recurve shooter who wants to bring their scores to the next level.