It has been silent for a while on the traditional side of the archersgear brands but now Touchwood is launching two brand new traditional bows. The Wolf is a 58" take-down recurve hunting bow that has a 17" riser and a longer limb design. This makes the wolf a swift, quiet and smooth in draw traditional bow. It's riser is made of maple and walnut and the bow  has clear fiberglass over maple core limbs. The limbs have also the mycarta limbtips. This bow is ideal for any traditional instinctive archer.

The Fenix is our first longbow designed for the youth. It is 52" and has a small grip. The riser is made from fine ebony woods and the limbs have a maple core covered by black fiberglas. This is a great bow for any young traditional archery practitioner.

You will find more info on both bows by scrolling to the Touchwood product page.